Spiritual Health

The Spiritual Dimension of Health is the dimension that takes a deeper look at life. It is where we find meaning, direction, and seek solace in life. This is our moral compass and where our values are drawn from. For some, spiritual life is vague and distant, but for others, it is a lifeline.

prayer-for-peaceThis dimension is vital to formulate a person’s overall life goals, and it keeps us on track to accomplish them. When forming goals in this dimension, they should help you: 1) find purpose in life, 2) live a life that reflects your values, 3) get on track with your spiritual health, and 4) form spiritual habits that will last a lifetime.

Questions to ask yourself when making goals:

  • What is the purpose of life?
    • Does my life reflect this?
  • What do I want others to say they learned from me in life?
    • Am I living my life in a way that will teach them this?
  • What are my priorities in life?
    • Are my efforts and schedule aligned with these priorities?
  • What are my core beliefs?
    • Am I living in accordance with these beliefs?


Examples of goals I’ve set in this dimension before:

  • Reading a chapter of The Purpose Driven Life every night for 40 days.
    • Such an insightful book that helps you reassess life, connect with God, and get on track with living in accordance to your purpose.
  • Pray every day.
    • This helps in so many ways. It helps you get perspective, reflect on things you need to improve on, get strength and motivation, and remind you of all there is to be thankful for!