Social Health

The Social Health Dimension is how we relate to others in life. This dimension is where we find community and support. The people that we choose to surround ourselves with holdinghands31318-1have a huge impact on our lives. It is important to choose relationships with people that support your goals, vision, and beliefs in life. It is also important to evaluate the role you play in others’ lives to ensure you are doing the same for them.

When forming goals in this dimension, try to focus on: (1) positive communication , 2) resolving or letting go of past issues, 3) things you can control (like your own actions/ reactions), 4) finding ways to be supportive and uplifting to those most important in life

An example of a few goals I’ve set in this dimension:

  • Reaching out to my long-distance family members (grandma, sister, parents, etc) at least every 2 weeks
    • This goal helps me maintain a healthy relationship with my family and keep up consistent communication with them
  • When finding new friendships, make sure they have the qualities of: positivity and support
    • This goal helps me to surround myself with relationships that are aligned with my overall life goals. It is so important to surround yourself with people that empower you and challenge you to be the best version of you!