The initial assessment session is free of charge, so you can get a feel for what Wholee Healthy is all about. The assessment gives us the information we need to create a personalized plan for each client, and from there, the program options vary. You can pick the program that feels the best for you and your lifestyle. It is not a one size fits all, so you can choose the amount of assistance and support you need.

We have three options available for our clients:

Base Level/Guided Health: Basic workouts, meal guides, planning templates, time management tips, stress management tips, and monthly health coach check-ins. This level can be for those who just need a jump start to get back into a healthy lifestyle, those looking for new ideas or recipes, who just need a little motivation, or want to try out our services before committing to a high level program.

Mid-Level/ Supported Health: Individualized workout plans, individualized meal plans, personalized holistic health journal, stress management tips and resources, time management tips, weekly health coach check-ins, and option to purchase one-on-one personal training sessions (online or in person).

VIP Level/ Optimized Health: Access to our online app, individualized workout plans, individualized meal plans, personalized holistic health journal, stress management tips/resources, time management tips, weekly health coach check-ins, health coach support/communication within 12 hours of any questions/concerns/support needs through our online app, and option to purchase one-on-one personal training sessions (online or in person).


Personal Training Session Options (All Sessions have online or face-to-face options):

Bi-weekly sessions: Guided training sessions that ensure exercises are being completed correctly, correct weights/exercises are being utilized, and a little extra motivation from your exercise guide.

Weekly sessions: Guided training sessions that helps the client to feel comfortable with their workout parameters from correct form to weights/exercises that are right for them, extra motivation to push through the workout, and consistent check-ins to stay on track!

3x/Week Sessions: Guided training sessions that help clients every step of the way to ensure their exercise program is being carried out in the most efficient way possible. These sessions will be the clients’ harder or more intense workout days, and their exercise guide can motivate them each step of the way for optimal results.


Each client will have their own unique dietary needs and guidelines. Here is a look at what you will receive in each of our programs:

Base Level: Choose from meal templates and recipes from different diets including Keto, Whole 30, Vegan, Vegetarian, dairy free, and basic portion control.

Mid Level: Together with your health coach, you will select a diet that is right for you (be it Keto or basic calorie control) and receive different recipes that you can plug in to your meal template. Recipes include calorie counts and make it easy for clients to pick a from our breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert options without having to over think.

Optimal Level: After the initial assessment each client with select a diet plan that is best with the help of their health coach. Then, they can choose from different recipes for each meal and the calorie count will be available for them to ensure ease of meal planning. In addition, with access to our app, clients are able to access recipes, create grocery lists from the meals they choose for the week, and keep track of calories and macros all in one place.

Time/Stress Management Planning

Base Level: Basic planning templates including exercise, nutrition, stress level, and mental health entries.

Mid Level: Planning templates individualized to meet the clients’ exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and mental health plans and goals. Select from color options.

Optimal Level: