Exercise Planning

Our Exercise Planning Services help each client meet their goals. Whether it be toning up, getting ready for a race, improving heart health, or beginning an exercise program for the first time, we work to provide a program that is unique to each client’s enjoyment, abilities, and schedule. Our goal is to find a program that is enjoyable, maintainable, and will help our clients enjoy exercise for a lifetime.

Our Premium Exercise Planning Service brings it to the next level and offers tips, specific technique assistance, and provides continuous support to help clients stay on track. We will work together to tweak the program as needed, track gains/losses, and reach each individual goal. This service is recommended especially for clients with weight management goals, those new to exercising programs, and for those who are serious about their goals and want their experience with us to be as efficient and successful as possible.

Our company is still growing, so we do not offer our own personal training services… yet. We hope to in the future!

Disclaimer: We are not registered health professionals, so if clients have diagnosed heart issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, past or current injuries or impairments, or any other health-related concerns, we cannot offer professional services that assist with these issues. However, we will work in coordination with health professionals to help our clients reach their goals. We recommend that each client sees their physician before beginning any type of new exercise regimen. Physicals are recommended on a yearly basis, so it’s a great time to see your doctor if you haven’t done so in awhile!