1-on-1 Coaching

Welcome to Wholee Healthy’s 1-on-1 Coaching Information Page! This page gives you a brief outline of what working with me as your health coach looks like. If you are interested in more information, fill out the form below and check out Wholee Healthy’s handbook:

Jess Kociemba, Founder of Wholee Healthy LLC

When you work with me 1-on-1, you will follow a plan that is designed to empower you to adopt healthy habits gradually and ingrain them into your life so they last! This process takes your WHOLE life into consideration, using a holistic approach. This helps you balance different areas of your life and prevents you from getting overwhelmed as you work to transform your life!

As a client, you will receive:

  1. An in-depth survey that helps me get to know you better. From this survey and through conversation, we form goals in each area of your life (physical, mental, social, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental).
  2. These goals are broken into monthly and weekly goals. Then, the goals are broken into “bite-sized”, weekly tasks, or “action steps” that makes goals seem more manageable.
  3. To avoid overwhelm, we prioritize 1-3 goals above the rest. The action steps from these goals are the “have-to’s”. The action steps from all other goals are considered “want-to’s” and only should be completed if you feel up to it and can complete them without overwhelm.
  4. I will check in with you casually each week to troubleshoot, encourage, celebrate, and answer any questions.
  5. I will conduct a more in-depth check-in each month that will examine progress, adjust goals if needed, and provide mindset shifts, tips, and tools to continue progressing.
  6. You will have access to me whenever you have questions, are struggling with specific setbacks, need quick, daily checks for accountability with a goal, need encouragement, or want to celebrate a win!

As your coach, I will be here for you! When you become a client, you become family. I work hard to find the right balance between pushing you and helping you give yourself grace. Making a transformation is hard! I’ve been there! The success I’ve found is something that I want for each and every person. I am excited to start working with you to create healthy habits that you LOVE and that last a LIFETIME!

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*** 5% of Wholee Healthy’s proceeds will always go to charitable causes and outreach projects.