1-on-1 Coaching

Welcome to Wholee Healthy’s 1-on-1 Coaching Information Page! This page gives you a brief outline of what working with me as your health coach looks like. If you are interested in more information, fill out the form below and check out Wholee Healthy’s handbook at the bottom of the page!

My Approach

Jess Kociemba, Founder of Wholee Healthy LLC

When you work with me 1-on-1, you will follow a plan that is designed to empower you to adopt healthy habits gradually and ingrain them into your life so they last (and so you can eventually do them habitually on your own)! This process takes your WHOLE life into consideration, using a holistic approach. This helps you balance different areas of your life and prevents you from getting overwhelmed as you work to transform your life!

Clients have a few options to choose from, depending on their unique goals and circumstances.

***In order to promote transparency, I have listed my prices. Please note I will always work with you on pricing if you feel you are unable to pay the full amount, but feel you could benefit from my time. My time is money; however, your health is important to me too!

(There is a 15% discount for military, educators, and students as well as a low income discount per individual.)

Tiers of Support

Tier 1: One Time Goal Formation- $400 Flat Fee

In this Tier, I work with clients on a one-time basis. We will:

  • Form goals in the 6 Dimensions of Health.
  • Form a blueprint of realistic steps to reach and sustain these goals.
  • Have a 60 minute call to finalize the plan and go in depth into the game plan!

Tier 2: Monthly Support- $400 upfront, $175 monthly

All of Tier 1’s services +:

  • Monthly 60 minute calls
  • Monthly updated goals and plans to fit with life’s ebbs and flows

Tier 3: Weekly Support- $400 upfront, $220 monthly

All of Tier 1 & 2’s services +:

  • Weekly check-ins via concise online questionnaires
  • Weekly updated goals/tasks for the upcoming week
  • Mid-week and daily check-ins/motivation by request

1-Time Guidance Calls

Guidance Calls (50% off discount for Tier Clients): 30 minute calls- $50, 60 minute calls-$110

  • supplement to Tier Clients
  • OR one-time guidance for goals, cycle syncing, health tips, mindset shifts, etc

As your coach, I will be here for you! When you become a client, you become family. I work hard to find the right balance between pushing you and helping you give yourself grace. Making a transformation is hard! I’ve been there! The success I’ve found is something that I want for each and every person. I am excited to start working with you to create healthy habits that you LOVE and that last a LIFETIME!

**Because I believe is sustainable success, I recommend clients sign on for a minimum of 6 months to truly begin establishing and adopting healthy habits as a foundation for their future.

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*** 5% of Wholee Healthy’s proceeds will always go to charitable causes and outreach projects.