Nutrition Planning

Our Nutrition Planning services help clients find the diet plan that helps their bodies run as efficiently as possible. We work with each client to create nutrition goals and choose a diet that best fits these goals. Together, we will find a diet filled with healthy meals they enjoy. From there, each client has the option to  receive further assistance with our Premium Nutrition Service that includes meal planning and shopping lists for each week that are created exclusively for each individual client. We recommend this option especially if the client is trying to manage weight, needs the convenience, or simply wants further guidance to help them be as successful as possible.

We have each client track their food intake to help them to stay on track and help us make changes to their plan as we see fit. We work with each client to help them find a tracking method that best fits their lifestyle and is convenient, so they can stick with it throughout our program and in their future.

We are not registered dieticians, so we do not offer professional services to clients with past or present eating disorders, food intolerances, food allergies, GI illnesses, or any other diagnosed nutrition-related illnesses. However, we will work in coordination with any health professionals to help support clients’ goals.