Intellectual Health

The Intellectual Health Dimension is what inspires and recharges us in life. Intellectual health is composed of our work, interests, hobbies, and drive to learn new things. This dimension is where our individual gifts and abilities are highlighted most. Our careers computerare where we spend the majority of our lives, so feeling that we are being productive, successful, and respected in our profession is an extremely important part of life. However, outside of work, how we spend our leisure time is close to if not equally as important. If we don’t take the time to recharge, relax, and enjoy our lives outside of work, it is hard to function efficiently during the work week.

Goals in the Intellectual Dimension can help you: 1) determine a career path that fits your gifts, 2) manage time to enjoy hobbies and interests outside of work, and 3) pursue new interests and hobbies to bring a new dynamic to your life


Examples of goals I’ve set in this dimension

  • Starting Wholee Healthy to utilize my knowledge of health to help others
    • It feels so good to use your God-given talents, abilities, and skills!
  • Running a half marathon utilizing a 14 week training program
    • Exercise is definitely not just in the physical dimension for me. This is a hobby! I loved researching workouts, nutrition, technique, and other training tips. It felt so good to accomplish a half marathon, and it is something that I never thought I could or would do!