Who are we?

Our company, Break Free, is a Holistic Health Company that offers a variety of services including personal training, dietary plans, and holistic health programs.

What are holistic health programs?

Holistic Health Programs focus on five main dimensions of health: physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. We start out each client with a free health assessment that focuses on these dimensions. Then, we formulate a individual holistic health program for our client that includes a nutrition plan to follow based on their own dietary needs and goals, an exercise program taking the individual’s capabilities, goals, and enjoyment into consideration, and an optional one on one session with a health coach that explores: mental/emotional health state and past associations and attitudes towards health, relationships and their affect on the client’s health, and optional spiritual health exploration and guidance.

The more of these aspects we dive into, the more individualized we can make programs for clients. Our coaches are here for clients for their needs whether it be a weekly check-in or an email or text response within 12 hours of their inquiries. Our clients become a part of our family when they join our program, and we are happy to help in any way that we can!

Why holistic health?

We at Break Free believe that holistic health is the only approach to take if you are truly attempting to change your lifestyle and to make these changes last a life time. When only one facet of health is improved such as weight loss or dietary changes, it is much more likely that the root of the problem is never found. These approaches make it much more likely that the problems will reoccur. Our approach helps our client to make lifestyle changes in several dimensions of their life, and we believe this helps make the change a more permanent solution that can last them the rest of their life.

What is the cost?

On our “prices” page you can find the general cost of our programs; however, we offer add-ons and client-specific services as well, which may look different based on your needs. We try not to be a one size fits all company because we believe that every client will be different.

Who can become a client?

Our services are available to any client ages 10 and up.