Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Dimension is one that I hesitated to add at first because some of this dimension is out of our control. This dimension deals with our weather, where we live geographically, and the physical things and spaces surrounding us. But, it also entails some things we do have control over: how clean our house is, how organized our belongings are, and the overall general mood we’ve created in our homes and work spaces, through decor and/or arranging of “stuff”.

2397902_2015Imudroom12180I decided to add in this dimension because I believe plays too vital of a role in our overall health to leave it out. With the “tiny house” popularity, the move for minimalism, and the new studies coming out on how much your surroundings affect you, I believe there is a lot of opportunity to explore and improve our environments. When setting goals in this dimension, focus on the things you can control: (1) how you deal with more difficult seasons because of the weather, (2) organization systems in your home or workplace, (3) getting rid of things you do not need anymore, or (4) creating new, refreshing arrangements/ colors/ overall spaces in your life.


Examples of goals I have set in this dimension:

  • Make an organization system to store documents throughout the year that are needed for taxes
    • Tax season… enough said
  • Create a playroom for my daughter, so my living room isn’t a constant toy tornado
    • This helped me feel so much more at ease in my living room and feel much better about having people over!
  • Changing my exercise routine to the morning to combat the heat
    • This took me awhile to get used to, but going to sleep earlier and getting up earlier is something that I’ve found I really enjoy!