Mental/Emotional Health

brainThe Mental and Emotional Dimension of health is a person’s outlook on life, self-talk, confidence, and reaction to tough situations. This is where our words, actions, perseverance, and, ultimately, life path stems from. It is the foundation for setting and reaching goals in life.

Goals in the Emotional/Mental Dimension should focus on: 1) staying/getting mentally tough, 2) more positive self-talk, 3) lowering and/or managing stress, and 4) improving overall energy and attitude you bring to each day

Examples of goals I have made in this dimension include:

  • Telling myself at least one positive thing about my body, mind, and soul each day
    • Love the who you are and the body you’re in. Be thankful for it!
  • Make my first conscious thought of each day something positive
    • Start your day off right by channeling positive thoughts as soon as possible!