About Me

Jess Kociemba

Hi! My name is Jess Kociemba. I have a B.S. in Health and Physical Education. I taught for a few years before taking time off to raise my daughter. I also have a volleyball coaching and playing background, where I worked extensively with strength and conditioning programs. Healthy living and teaching health are a passion of mine, as is the mentality behind weight loss. Wholee Healthy is a way I can continue teaching, encouraging, and helping those around me to lead the healthiest and happiest lives possible.

Holistic Health is an approach on health that I have been using ever since I became a health teacher, and I love how it connects all of the facets of our life. It encompasses the Spiritual, Social, Mental/Emotional, Physical, Environmental, and Intellectual aspects of life. To get to know a little more about me, here is a little more about my health journey:

Spiritual: I am a Christian, and I believe that my relationship with God is the most important thing in this life. He created me; I am His child; and He saved me from all of my mistakes and sins, so I can spend eternity in heaven with Him. This is true for Every. Single. Person. Living for Him is the sole purpose of this life and this gives me peace each and every day.

Social: I am the youngest of three girls and grew up in rural Minnesota. Both of my parents were school teachers, and we lived on a farm. My sisters are my best friends to this day. I currently live in Arizona only 5 minutes away from one of them! I met my husband, Joel, at college. We reunited about a year after graduation, and the rest is history. We moved to Arizona after getting married and have two daughters, Naomi and Norah.

Mental/Emotional: I am an over-thinker to say the least. I organize, plan, and analyze constantly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a realist, but I strive to put a positive spin on every situation. My mental toughness and self-talk have ups and downs like anyone else, but I believe the number one key to bouncing back is getting perspective through conversation with God. Having the ability to laugh at yourself is a close second!

Physical: God has blessed me with an overall extremely health-filled life. I have had a few surgeries, experience migraines, and have a hole in my left knee-cap. But, other than that, I am so thankful for my health! I began playing volleyball before I can remember and played through college. I played a few other sports as well throughout middle and high school. Exercise is still a HUGE part of my life, as I see and feel its benefits not just in my body, but in my mental health as well. I also enjoy eating a variety of healthy foods to fuel my body in the best way possible.

Intellectual: I chose to become a health and physical education teacher as my career out of college and am still drawn to the profession in many ways. I am unsure if I will go back to teaching, but I know that my passion for health will be a big part of my profession in the future. I decided to become a holistic health coach and start Wholee Healthy while I am staying home with my daughters. I am loving it so far and have hopes to grow Wholee Healthy into a company that can provide me full-time stability. But for now, I am just enjoying to work with a limited number of clients while caring for my daughters.

Environmental: As I said before, I currently reside in Arizona. What a change after coming from Minnesota! I have definitely found I prefer the dry heat to the humidity. I also love that almost every day of the year, you can at least get out for a walk in the early morning hours. Overall, I much prefer staying indoors because of heat rather than shoveling snow all winter (although I do miss snow at Christmas!). My home is in a kid-friendly suburban neighborhood close to shops, grocery stores, schools, and churches. We love being close to things, but have dreams of moving to somewhere with a little more acreage for gardening, playing, and a pool! I love organization, but having young kiddos has helped me embrace the chaos and more of an “organized mess” mentality. I love to decorate and am gradually working to decorate our home to make it an inviting and warm an atmosphere as time and finances allow!