About Me

This company was founded to spread knowledge of health and wellness. My name is Jessica Kociemba, and my life has been a journey in the health and fitness field. I was a multi-sport athlete in high school and collegiate volleyball player at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I received my dual Health Education and Physical Education degrees. I went on to teach both health and physical education to a variety of ages for four years. I then stepped away to be a mom and reassess by career choice and goals.

In this time, I went through a weight loss journey filled with race training, nutrition research, and self-assessment that helped me discover my passion to help others with their health and wellness. Through my journey I discovered there is so much more to health than a diet and exercise plan that is followed for awhile and then discarded to return to old habits… Health is used to describe several facets of life including mental and emotional health, relationship dynamics, spiritual well being, environmental factors, stress management, time management, physical health of your body, and yes nutrition and exercise choices as well. Often times, getting healthy or fit is overly simplified, and I want to offer a program that takes a holistic approach to health and changes your lifestyle. Join me on my journey to live a healthy lifestyle that helps you to not only improve your waistline, but helps you to improve your entire outlook on life.