Hidden Blessings

Greetings, Wholee Healthy family! I wish I was writing this under better circumstances, but wanted to reach out and send a message of encouragement.

For some, this pandemic hasn’t changed daily life much, for others, there are layoffs, lost investments, school years hanging in limbo, and more difficult circumstances that keep unfolding every day. The repercussions of this pandemic will truly change the course of lives.

There are so many negatives that we could focus on- financial stress; fear of getting sick ourselves or of one of our loved ones contracting it; balancing working from home with childcare or homeschooling; restlessness from being stuck at home, seeing the same people day in and out; not being able to go to our favorite hangouts or restaurants; groceries out of stock; and the list goes on.

But, I invite you instead to look at the hidden blessings that have resulted from this pandemic. Many are getting a much needed break from busy schedules, families are spending more time together than they have in recent history, some are turning to God, numerous people are spending more time outside, the environment is improving- wildlife seen in areas unheard of before, and so many other silver linings.

The future is uncertain. Unknowns are unsettling. However, I encourage you to RESIST THE FEAR! We have power over our thoughts. We have the ability to remain in control and steer our minds to to better paths. Take one day at a time. Stay informed of what is happening, but don’t obsess. Put down your phone. If you’re on social media, only check it 1-2 times a day max. Create your environment- surround yourself with positive messages- devotions, books, podcasts, quotes, verses.

Take one day at a time and see the best in it! If you’re stuck inside without much to do, do things you’ve been meaning to- projects around the house, watching movies, taking walks, praying more, reading the Bible, cooking, baking, writing letters or sending cards of encouragement, connecting with others, exercising, and just being alone with your thoughts. Slow down. But, if your circumstances have gotten more chaotic, embrace the storm and still find the little things to bring you joy! Make the most of what you’ve been given. Find the hidden blessings.

In response to the families whose jobs are at a standstill and to the elderly population that are unable to leave their homes and may be feeling a heightened fear, I am coordinating a couple different outreach opportunities.

First, I am taking donations for care packages to send to a few families who one or both adults are out of work. And second, I have already asked my accountability group to have their children create artwork or encouraging cards to send to a few nursing homes of elderly people who are close to us.

If you are interested in being a part of either of these opportunities, have other people that are weighing on your heart that you would like to include in this outreach, or are facing difficulty yourself, please contact me: wholeehealthy@gmail.com

God bless and stay healthy!

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.

John 1:5

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