“Nothing Looks as Good as Healthy Feels”

Hey all! I hope the Go Natural Challenge is going well for you and you are feeling good. I just wanted to share a little blurb from my latest Facebook post with you all (follow my Wholee Healthy page for daily motivation and healthy messages if you haven’t already!)… hopefully to inspire you to add in a few more healthy habits and to feel good while you’re doing it!

The Wholee Healthy community is focusing on the “Go Natural Challenge” this month, and I’ve been loving to see all of the body positivity messages I’ve been coming across in my research and search for motivating messages each day! I am loving that these messages are becoming more and more popular and accepted! This is such an empowering thing (especially for women)! My ONLY hesitancy with it is that sometimes it is inviting women to accept being unhealthy along with their bodies as they are. I believe a person can be beautiful, inside and out, at any size/weight/body fat %. We all deserve respect, love, and all things good no matter how we look! But, do you know what we can’t be at any size/weight/body fat %? Healthy.
Healthy is something that doesn’t even define a lot of women, even at a “healthy” weight… it is a lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy foods, and balance in each dimension of health (mind, body, soul, intellect, environment, relationships, and pursuits). It is something that takes hard work, and, sometimes, an entirely new outlook, routine, and lifestyle. But, it eventually becomes the norm… and it gives you longevity, clarity, and truly helps you to live your best life! It’s even the #1 doctor recommended lifestyle to lead!
When I was overweight, I would always tell myself that I was at least healthy because I was still exercising and eating healthy foods. But, I actually found a study that showed being overweight and “in shape” still put you at a higher risk of disease/cancer/shorter lifespan/etc than if you were at a healthy weight and didn’t workout. What?! This blew my mind and was one of the things that motivated me to begin my weight loss journey.
This isn’t meant to discourage those of you who are overweight, have a high body fat percentage, don’t workout on the norm, or don’t eat healthy… it is to empower you! You are beautiful just as you are–> inside and out! Your body is carrying you through this life and it is beautifully and wonderfully made! But, you can take your life to the next level by adopting a healthy lifestyle! Don’t sell yourself short and continue life without it!
When you do start a new workout, clean eating program, weight loss journey, or toning/fat loss program, it is fun to think of how you’ll look at the end of the process, but you know what the most exciting part is? How healthy you’ll be! And how it will change your life! Because nothing looks as good as healthy feels!

Keep going strong with the Go Natural Challenge!! Let me know if you’ve thought of any unique ways to challenge yourself this month or if you want help with any workout plans, diets, or healthy lifestyle changes you’re making. I’d love to help you out! Drop a line below in the comments or email me: wholeehealthy@gmail.com.


The Go Natural Challenge is underway for the month of July! It will be my last challenge before baby girl #2 arrives! If you are interested in doing past challenges, <–click or check it out from the menu above!

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“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi


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