Exercise Challenge Prep

Just a few more days until the Exercise Challenge begins! All you need to do is exercise every day for the month of August. “Exercise” can even be going for a walk for 10 minutes after dinner every night… it doesn’t need to be anything crazy. We’re doing it for a month because 28 days is the amount of time it takes to form a habit. The hope is that the habit of exercise continues after this challenge is complete! These are some tips to help you prepare for this challenge!

  1. plan your workout- make sure:
    • you’ll ENJOY it- if you want exercise to be sustainable, this is so important! Try a few of these to make your workout enjoyable:
      • music you enjoy- this can keep your motivation up!
      • make sure you’re comfortable in your atmosphere
      • get some new workout clothes you feel good in
      • an easily accessible water bottle
      • a positive mindset- remember your goals and how good you feel when you’re done!
    • it will help you reach your goals (stronger, more toned, stress relief, etc)
    • fits your capabilities– find a tutorial on lifting if it’s new to you; I really like the Nike Training Club app for workouts- it has a variety of workouts from a beginner’s program to advanced full body workouts
  2. schedule a time to do it- time is the #1 excuse people have for not exercising, so make sure to schedule it!
  3. pack all your workout gear if you’re working out away from home
  4. see your doctor if you’re starting a new workout regimen (esp if you have heart health issues)


You can join the Facebook Event on my Wholee Healthy Facebook page and subscribe to my Wholee Health Vlog channel on YouTube!

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